"Ecofeedback as a means to save energy at home" / Beatriz Puyal (1994).  

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Eficiència energètica; Consum energètic; Agenda 21; Psicologia. Hospitalet de Llobregat, l'; Woking Borough Council - Regne Unit ; Beca l'Hospitalet - 1994;

Local Agenda 21 is a resolution of the Earth Summit in Ro de Janeiro 1992, aimed to encourage local authorities to design a plan of sustainable development in cooperation with the communities. Within this context, the Woking Borough Council launched the Save Energy at Home Campaign in February 1994, based on the scheme which has being working successfully in The Netherlands since 1979. 

Using feedback as a tool to encourage saving energy at home, the scheme asked the households to read their electricity and gas meters every week and fill in a card with these figures. Moreover, they had to compare their consumption with a weather adjusted target estimated from their annual consumption, which was published in local papers weekly. 

This study was aimed to evaluate the Ecofeedback scheme in Working and analyze how it could be improved.
500 households in Goldsworth Park were approached with a questionnaire, asking them about their energy saving behavior, their attitudes and their participation in the scheme. 

From the analysis of a sample of 148 households, who sent the questionnaire back, the results showed that:
- No energy efficient actions were significantly associated with the participation in the scheme,
- Attitudes towards the consequences of the Ecofeedback scheme ant towards discomfort caused by energy saving actions, were the only attitudinal predictors of the participation in the scheme,
- The Woking Review was the most effective paper in promoting the scheme and distributing the target tables ,
- And young people were less likely to participate in the scheme. 

The discussion tries to explain the pattern behind energy efficient actions and to draw suggestions in order to improve the Ecofeedback campaign in Woking.
Using Woking as an example, the energy reduction goals set at the Rio Conference can be met I the U.K. 

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